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Masorti Europe

Masorti Olami (World Masorti) is the international organisation that brings together Masorti/Conservative communities from around the world. We belong to Masorti Europe – the European Region of Masorti Olami.

Masorti Europe coordinates the activities of our various communities. It builds networks between the rabbis, professionals and lay leaderships of European communities and nurtures their growth. Masorti Europe represents us in international forums in Israel and across Europe. It extends the provision of Noam and Marom to communities across the continent.

Masorti Europe supports the development of our smaller Masorti communities. This includes re-establishing Jewish communities in countries such as Spain and Portugal where Jews have lived in hiding for hundreds of years, and in communities in Eastern Europe that are only now re-establishing themselves after the holocaust, or after decades of communism.

We are proud to the recipients of a Grundtvig grant from the European Union for the ‘Strategies for Voluntary Work in Europe’ partnership. Together with 9 other Masorti communities from Portugal, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the UK we are sharing our experiences in involving volunteers in the life of our communities and learning new skills from each other.

New North London is the largest Masorti community in Europe. Gillian Caplin, the President of Masorti Europe and Rabbi Chaim Weiner, the Regional
Director are both members of our community.