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Noam Israel Tour

From the heights of Masada to the salty plains of the Dead Sea, from the bustle of Jerusalem to the serenity of the Negev. Israel Tour will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

Noam is Masorti’s very own youth movement. Each year we take more and more young people in year 11 to Israel. You could be spending a month travelling the country, seeing the sites, meeting new people and becoming a part of the Noam community. Applications are now open and so send your forms in now.  

Masorti members are guaranteed a place. Plus we have an especially reduced rate for Masorti members, making Noam the cheapest Israel Tour for Masorti members.  Bursaries are available upon request.  

This summer may prove to be the biggest and best summer for Israel Tour so get involved now! We have a brand new brochure, downloadable from the Noam website on the Israel Tour section (the application form is also downloadable).

For further information please visit the Noam website.