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Shavuot Services

Shabbat 19th May - Erev Shavuot

8.00pm Minchah followed by Tikkun Leyl Shavuot
9.51pm Candle lighting

Sunday 20th May - Shavuot I

9.30am Traditional Service (Beit Knesset)
             Gan Alon Graduation
9.30am Egalitarian Service (Beit Tefilah)
11.15am Children's Services:
    Shabbat in 3D - Juniors (Youth Room)
    The Story Service - Infants (Gan Alon)
    Singalong Service - Pre-school (Old
    Synagogue Annexe)
11.30am Gan Alon Service (Beit Midrash)
7.30pm Minchah/Ma'ariv (Rabbi Wittenberg's home)
9.53pm Candle lighting

Monday 21st May - Shavuot II

9.30am Traditional Service (Beit Knesset)
After the Service: Community Picnic Lunch (at the home of Zahavit Shalev & David Boyd)
8.30pm Minchah followed by Psalms Group (Rabbi Wittenberg's home)
9.54pm Yom tov ends

For any further information about our services, please contact the Synagogue Office or call 020 8346 8560.