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Shavuot 5775

Tikkun Leyl Shavuot:
Who Says So and Why Should I?

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Shabbat 11th June


Thank God for Laws (Study with Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg)

10.15pm Ma’ariv and Kiddush

What does it mean to be commanded? (Panel with members of our Rabbinic Team)

11.35pm – 12.10am – Choose one of:

  • God, Torah and People - from where do we start thinking about Mitzvot (with Michael Wegier)
  • When Slavery Equals Freedom (with Matt Plen)
  • Ruth and Commandments of Love (with Rabbi Lee Wax)

12.15am An Unlikely Mitzvah that Matters to Me (with Julia Benson, Ronnie Cohen, Niki Jackson and Ariel Kahn)

1.00am - Dawn At Rabbi Wittenberg’s home for food and study
with Rabbis Weiner and Wittenberg until Shacharit at dawn with the birdsong.

Sunday 12th June

Traditional and Egalitarian Services

Children’s Services

All services join together for Gan Alon Graduation

Minchah at Rabbi Wittenberg’s home

Monday 13th June

Traditional Service

Children’s Services

Picnic lunch
at the home of Zahavit Shalev & David Boyd. Please RSVP to Zahavit
and bring a Kosher vegetarian dish and picnic blanket.

Minchah at Rabbi Wittenberg’s home and Psalms Group - Join us at the close of Shavuot to study Psalm 122 with Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg at his home.

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