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A Hagbahah Bench for the Beit Tefilah

I was sitting holding the sefer torah after doing hagbahah shabbat a few months ago in the beit tefillah upstairs. I was on my own, no one to hold the chumash - so that I could comfortably follow the haftorah - and nowhere to rest the heavy scroll. It struck me we needed a hagbahah bench - for two - the person who did gelilah would hold the chumash (and keep me company) - and it could have an arm to rest the scroll on. It would be rather more compact as the prayer venue is considerably smaller - and it could have a different colour upholstery.

I started drawing a few lines on a piece of paper and then bending and joining together some bits of wood - and here is a picture of the result. It currently stands unvarnished, without upholstery or castors.  I would like to hear your views on it - and the interiors group as a whole will decide how we take it forward working with the endorsement of shul council. You may have ideas about the colour of the upholstery or the finish - whatever.

Ben Kochan

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