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Shul Attendance Dockets for Jewish Schools Admissions

If you are due to apply to Jewish schools this coming autumn for your child(ren) entering Reception, you will need to confirm Jewish practice as part of your application(s), and one such way of doing so is through synagogue attendance. NNLS will start issuing dockets at each Friday night and Shabbat morning service (as well as at some other events specially scheduled for pre-Reception families) as of this coming Shabbat, which will stand as evidence of your synagogue attendance. Dockets will be available from children’s service leaders, greeters and Shammashim inside adult services. (If for some reason you are unable to find someone with a docket on a given Shabbat, please take one of our Week Sheets displayed on tables outside service spaces).

Please see the flyer below that sets out details of a variety of services and events we encourage you to consider attending over the coming months.

Please check the admissions criteria for the school(s) you are applying to very carefully, as each school’s criteria is different.

When you have as many dockets as you need, please send or drop your dockets into the Synagogue Office along with any relevant forms from the schools you are applying to.

Contact the office with any questions. Click here for What's On for children and families.