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Giving Opportunities

There are many different giving opportunities across a wide variety of actvities and projects that we run at NNLS. Should you wish to make a donation towards any of these specific opportunities, you can do so by sending a cheque made payable to 'NNLS' and marking on the back the specific project you wish your donation to be put towards. Thank you!

Adult Education (including Scholars in Residence)
Contributions help support our year-round adult education activities, including
New North London Learning and our Seven series, as well as supporting our opportunities to host Scholars in Residence and occasional international presenters (such as Rabbi Steven Greenberg, Rabbi Dr Neil Gilman, Reb Mimi Feigelson, and Former President of Israel, Yitzhak Navon, all of whom we've had the pleasure of hosting in recent years.

BSL Interpreting Fund
Donations are needed to periodically provide trained BSL (British Sign Language) interpreters to sign at our accessible Shabbat and festival services for people who are deaf.

Carbon Offset Fund
Our new building will incorporate an extremely energy efficient Ground Source Heat Pump. In order to help us with the cost of this element of the new building development, each time you fly, please consider contributing to the NNLS Carbon Offset Fund.
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Community Freezer
Help fill our community freezer with kosher, vegetarian and fish soups, main courses and desserts. There are many families who appreciate this greatly when illness, bereavement or other challenges make cooking a problem. All dishes should be packed in a disposable tinfoil or plastic container, labelled milk/fish/vegetarian, and dated. Alternatively, if you would prefer to buy kosher food to contribute, this would also be most welcome. When your dish is ready for delivery, please phone the Wittenberg family home to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Floral and Plant Fund for Shavuot
Contributions help provide flowers (and more recently, we've opted for plants representing the 'Seven Species') to help enhance the beauty and atmosphere of our Synagogue for the festival of Shavuot.

General Funds
Donations offset ongoing operational costs and help support vital activities such as services, adult and youth education, and special events programming.

Greening NNLS and Enabling Use of More Fair Trade Products
Contributions are welcomed to enable NNLS to introduce more environmentally sustainable practices in our synagogue, helping to reduce our community's carbon footprint. And, being a synagogue that aims to use Fair Trade products where possible, donations to this fund will allow more Fair Trade products to be purchased.

Consider sponsoring a kiddush to celebrate a special anniversary, birthday or other occasion. Donations are also welcomed to help cover the costs of holding our community kiddushim on the weeks when we don't have sponsorship. To enquire about sponsoring a kiddush, please contact the Synagogue office.

Should you wish to leave a gift to NNLS in your will (or by adding a simple Codicil to your will), so that future generations can continue to benefit from the wonderful community you have helped to build at NNLS, please contact our Executive Director,
Claire Mandel, to discuss further. 

NNLS Madrichim and Mentor Programmes
At NNLS Cheder and Ha'Derech educational programmes, our Madrichim and Mentoring programmes empower many of our young people to acquire and put into practice wonderful leadership skills by working with their (slightly) younger peers. Mentors help their mentees prepare some of their Bar and Bat Mitzvah skills, and Madrichim provide hands-on assistance to our Cheder and Ha'Derech teachers. These worthwhile initiatives cost NNLS a significant sum each year, and so any contributions towards them will enable us to continue providing our young people with these invaluable leadership opportunities.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
At NNLS, Rabbi Wittenberg runs a Discretionary Fund from which he uses donations for the following purposes: to help out people in real financial need; to occasionally help subsidise some of the community's one-off educational projects (such as helping cover costs of visiting scholars); and, as the name of the fund suggests, from time to time, to contribute towards other expenses which Rabbi Wittenberg, in his discretion, considers appropriate. 

Ruth Schneider Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Ruth Schneider Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up to help families across the Masorti Movement to provide bursaries to children wishing to attend Noam Camp, Israel Tour and Noam's Gap Year Programme, D'rachim. Contributing to this fund is vital in enabling many kids to have the Noam experience that otherwise might not be available to them.

Siddurim and Chumashim

NNLS is continually replenishing its stock of siddurim and chumashim. If you would like to commemorate a special event or honour the memory of a family member, you can make a donation towards the cost of new books. Book plate inscriptions can be arranged by the Synagogue office.