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We would like to know if a member of your family, or you yourself, are in hospital or seriously ill at home. There are various ways in which we may be able to help.

Please contact the Rabbi directly if you would like a visit. Do be in touch with Network if there are practical things, such as bringing food or shopping, which we can do to help you.

Our booklet, With Healing On Its Wings, contains prayers and contemplations for times of illness. Many people have found it helpful and we would be glad to arrange to send or bring you a copy.

If you would like us to say a Refuah Shelemah (prayer for healing) for you in the Synagogue service on Shabbat, please contact the Synagogue office, who will pass this on to whoever is running the service on a given week.

We wish you Refuah Shelemah, a speedy and full recovery.