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Introduction - Blessing as an attitude to life

Study (1) – What is a Berachah?
What does ‘blessing’ mean? What does berachah mean? What is its spiritual source?

Study (2) – In our hands
God said to Abram: ‘Until now the blessings were in my hands; now they are in yours.’ (Midrash)
Do we have the power to bless, or curse? If so, how? What responsibility does that entail?

After Shabbat
A moment of blessing in my life: we each bring a memory, reflection, poem, prayer, piece of music to share.

Study (3) – Blessings over bad news
‘One must bless over the bad, just as over the good’ (Talmud)
What does the Talmud mean? Is such an attitude possible? Is such an attitude right?

Summing up – Be a blessing: the privilege and the challenge

Study, for all levels, will include Torah, Talmud, Hasidic texts, poetry and lots of conversation and discussion! It will definitely not be over-pious!
Please join us!